The Allman Brothers for $5

The Allman Brothers first showed up at the Warehouse on Friday the 13th in March 1970. They would go on to play ten times by the end of '71, playing both New Years Eve parties. Poster provided by Brad Elliot. Thanks Brad.

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  1. This was my first ever show at A Warehouse. I remember Duane giving an excuse for Gregg's singing, saying that he had recently been married; but I don't have a recollection that anything was bad about it. Nothing could have sounded so good, they were my absolute favorite band then...and that fondness has aged well...they're still my favorite.
    The downside of the evening was that my 'ride' had to leave after midnight(I heard that they played on without us till sometime after 2AM); The Brothers were playing "Whipping Post" as we drove past the building, headed back uptown...this has hounded me through the years.
    The upside, since we lost Duane about 5 weeks later, was that I was determined to have something more lasting to take away from these shows. So, starting with 'Humble Pie' (with 'Yes') in April 1972, I began to take my Pentax Spotamatic camera to all the shows I attended.