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A Warehouse on Tchoupitoulas

Click here to watch a clip from the up coming film.

Thank You

Just wanted to personally thank everyone who has ordered t-shirts this past week.

Bob Marley

A picture from Bob Marley's performance at The Warehouse, thank you Bobby Wahl.

I found the original sign

Tom waited patiently as the wrecking ball smashed into The Warehouse and at the right time he hopped from his car, scaled the barricade and snatched up the wooden sign. Thanks Tom!

Scene Magazine

There is an article about our film and the tribute show from Harrah's Casino in this month's issue. Page 52. thanks Mark St James.

Check it out here.


"In 1970, current Harrah’s New Orleans Entertainment Director Bill Johnston got together with a group of friends and opened a music club in the city’s Warehouse District that, in its 12-year history, achieved near-legendary status. With such renowned acts as the Allman Brothers, The Who, Pink Floyd, Rod Stewart, ZZ Top, Chicago, David Bowie, Elton John, Joe Cocker, Ted Nugent, the Grateful Dead and more, The Warehouse at Tchoupitoulas and Felicity streets was THE hottest place for live music in New Orleans in the 1970s."

The rest of the interview located HERE.

The Soundtrack

Our next big hurdle with this film will be raising the funds for a proper soundtrack. Early estimates from our (thank god she is pro bono) lawyer are around $40,000. I know this number seems large but I truly feel that if we all can give just a little we will surprised at what we can accomplish together.

Thank You so Much
Jessy Cale Williamson

Blog of New Orleans

When me and my cousin were growing up, and started getting into old ’60s and ’70s music, we’d always ask our parents, ‘Hey, did you every see the Doors? Did you ever see Pink Floyd? The Allman Brothers?’ And they’d say, ‘Oh, at the Warehouse.’ So for a good portion of our youth, we were always hearing about the Warehouse. It had been torn down, so even as adults, it seemed like this mythical place. We didn’t know where it was, or what it was, or anything.

The rest of the interview is located here.

The Doors at The Warehouse

This was Jim Morrison's last known performance - December 12, 1970.

Hello Everyone

Harrah's Casino in New Orleans will be hosting a 40th anniversary tribute show for The Warehouse in January. We will be showing a ten minute sneak preview of the film before the show. Click here for ticket sales.

The Warehouse

I would like to personally thank John Wallace for this awesome picture of The Warehouse. Thanks John, your t-shirts will be in shortly.

George Friedman

We sat down with George a while back at his hotel on Canal st where he told us about the evolution of The Warehouse, his days as the accountant and the family dynamic the employees experienced. Thanks George.


Robin Tate

In our interview with Robin he told us many stories about The Warehouse. From his first job as spot light operator at age fifteen to driving the limousine to pick up The Doobie brothers at the airport and driving around the quarter with Foghat partying. He also told us about how working at The Warehouse taught him the business lessons to go on to open his own promotion company. Thank you so much Robin.


In our interview with Barnaby he told us about how he met Bill Johnston & Brian Glynn in Chicago and some great stories about coming down to New Orleans to help the guys open up the Warehouse. Thank You so Much Barnaby.

Karla's 19th Birthday Party at The Warehouse

If you know who these people are please let me know so I can list everybody's name.

Warehouse Softball Game

Denese, Karen, Terry, Carla, Brenda, Pam plus many more - Park 1973.
Thanks Jan

Willie Perkins ABB Road Manager 70-80

I sat down with Willie Perkins over the weekend in Macon as well. He told me how he went from being a banker to the road manager for The Allman Bros. He also told me about the night the ABB got busted, spent the night in jail and the first thing Duane said when he was released. "Tell the boys to pack up the truck and head to Audubon park, we're playing." Thanks Willie

The Legendary Red Dog

I drove up to Macon Georgia last weekend and sat down with a living legend. Red Dog told me about his 30 years with The Allman Brothers and the day he first met Duane Allman. He remembered The Warehouse well and said he loved the ladies in New Orleans. Thanks so Much Red Dog.

Tony Green

We were fortunate enough to sit down with local artist and musician Tony Green,who let us borrow his collection of
In your Ear magazines. Thanks so much Tony. Hope your having fun in Italy.

Larry Gaudet

Larry worked stage security and checked IDs at the bar. He told us about a run in with Elton John's security and letting under age kids in if the fake ID was a good one. Thanks Larry.

Ken Petrie

In our interview with Ken he told us about working the bar at the Warehouse and meeting his wife there. Thanks Ken.

Brian Glynn

Brian was an original partner and talked to us about all the remodeling and renovations involved with opening the Warehouse as well as fans trying to sneak in through the ceiling vents. Thanks Brian.

Danny Lyons

In our interview with Danny he told us about working at the Warehouse, both as security and in the smoke patrol. He also still has a Warehouse jersey, the "uniform" for the smoke patrol. Thanks Danny.

The Batiste Brothers

We sat down with the Batiste Brothers and discussed them playing at the Warehouse, what inspired them as musicians and learned that Damon and Russell (in the back - Damon has the hat on) were the two youngest musicians to ever perform at the Warehouse. They were six and eight respectively. Check out the Batiste Brothers in late April at The Ponderosa Stomp. Thanks so much guys and sorry we we cut you in half Paul.

Tommy Morel

In our interview with Tommy he told us about the early days at the Warehouse and how he wrote Love that Chicken from Popeyes. Thanks Tommy.

Steve Scaffidi

In our interview with Steve he told us about watching The Marshal Tucker Band throwing Pabst Blue Ribbon into the crowd. Thanks Steve.

Jane Dumestre

Jane was the secretary at the Warehouse and told us how much fun she had working with Bill Johnston and Don Fox. Thanks Jane.

New Posters

I was given some new posters for the film today. Thanks so much Fred Whitecotton.

Bubby Valentino

We sat down with Bubby at his hotel - Place d'Armes - in the quarter and relived some of his favorite moments. Thanks Bubby.

Oley Sassone

Director Oley Sassone talked to us about how going to the Warehouse influenced his career path. A huge music buff and musician, Oley has directed over 100 music videos and even got to jam with Eric Clapton.

Karen Olivier AKA The Mystery Woman

Karen was the co-editor for In Your Ear magazine and did many of the illustrations including this cover.

She would eventually go on to work at Rolling Stone.
Thanks Karen.

Glen Pitre

In our interview with Glen he told us about growing up in Cut Off and sneaking to the Warehouse with friends. Glen has been dubbed the "Father of Cajun film" by American Film Magazine. Thanks Glen.

Curtis Cottrell

Curtis hitchhiked from Lafayette to be at the Warehouse on opening night. He ended up working there for a few hours, laying carpet and selling tickets, then got to introduce his favorite band - The Grateful Dead.

Captain Humble

This is a production shot of us getting ready to interview Captain Humble at his restaurant in Slidell. We are shooting in HD with a Sony camera and the giant white disk is a "bounce" used to redirect light to eliminate shadows. Thanks for the great lunch Captain!

Bill Johnston

One of the original partners of the Warehouse sat down with us and revealed his inspiration for opening the venue as well as sharing some of his fondest memories. Thanks so much Bill.

Larry Sieberth

In our interview with Larry he told us about scheduling his wedding around being able to get to the Warehouse to see Herbie Hancock. Larry is also the music director of Joint's Jumpin - a celebration of New Orleans Rhythm and Blues. Thanks Larry.

Susan Spicer

Susan sat with us at her beautiful restaurant Bayona and revealed to us that she was the first person to see the inside of The Warehouse and how she became part of the flier team.

Johnny Winter

The blues legend is still alive and kickin', he made some time for us before his gig to talk about playing at The Warehouse and to say how much he loves the New Orleans fans. Johnny still plays over a hundred shows a year. Thanks so Much Johnny.

Pictures by Sidney Smith

Just wanted to say thanks to Sidney Smith for the hundreds of amazing photos. This project would not be possible with out you. Please check out Sidney's pics at Rock Star Photos.

In Your Ear with Pink Floyd

This is a bunch of pics from the In Your Ear magazine, that the Warehouse published, set to Pink Floyd's Wish you were Here.

The First Issue of In Your Ear

This issue features write ups on The Grateful Dead, Fleetwood Mac and The Flock. It also has advertisements for Far Out - "Groovy clothes for Groovy People" and Tape City USA "High Quality 8 Track Unit $39.95" This copy was provided by Tony Green a local artist and musician who sat with us for an interview. Thanks Tony.

Brian Stoltz

In our interview with Brian Stoltz he re-lives some of the great shows he saw and had this to say about the Warehouse "It was this unbelievable place to be...with great sound, this nasty carpeted floor, it was fantastic."